SXSW Adds Record Convention to Events



That dang music
festival and conference just got better…


By Fred Mills


Regular attendees to South By Southwest may recall how at
times in the past the spring installment of the twice-annual Austin Record
also took place, effectively doubling the in-town action (and making
those suitcases for the flights back home from SXSW a lot heavier). Recent
years, however, saw the RecCon shuffling its schedule so it would not coincide with SXSW. One long-time
dealer told me that the move came as a huge relief to him and a number of his
fellow dealers for a number of reasons, including those involving the logistics
of getting around Austin
and the somewhat debatable assumption that potential customers to the RecCon
are distracted by SXSW and therefore less likely to shop.


This year’s spring convention is to be held April 3-5 at Austin’s Crockett
Center, with the fall
event scheduled for Oct. 23-25. However, there will now be a kind of
“mini-convention” taking place during SXSW, on March 21 and 22 on the second
floor of the Austin
Convention Center (aka
SXSW Ground Zero). Sixty or seventy dealers (as opposed to the main event’s
hundreds) will be set up displaying their wares, and it seems like a pretty
reasonable guess that this is a strategy to broaden the SXSW experience – not
that it isn’t broad already (an understatement) – and attract more potential
attendees who may be fence-sitting this year and pondering whether a trip to
Austin is in the cards, financially. (Memo to self: either bring a lot of extra
dough to SXSW, or avoid second floor of the Convention Center entirely!)


According to the RecCon website, “[SXSW] wanted a record
show as part of their schedule. It will be heavily promoted by SXSW in all
types of media, local and national. SXSW will also have the Texas Guitar Show
and the Flatstock Poster Show going on at the convention center at the same
time. Admission will be free.”


Adds the SXSW site,”The Austin Record Convention and Texas
Guitar Show will be hosted by SXSW in the Austin Convention Center on Saturday
and Sunday, March 21-22 from 10am to 6pm. Admission is free and open to the
public. Dealers from around the country are on hand to appraise and buy your
unwanted records or music equipment. You can also buy that sought-after vintage
guitar or super-rare record that’s missing from you collection. Learn more here . Flatstock 20, the rock poster art convention, has added another day for your
viewing and buying pleasure. Hundreds of poster artists will display and have
for purchase their posters featuring amazing artwork promoting band’s concerts
at venues and festivals around the world. Admission is free and open to the
public Thursday-Sunday, March 19-22. Click here for more info.”




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