Spongetones Want YOU! (To help…)


Soliciting patrons for their next album…


Fred Mills


North Carolina’s resident British Invasion, powerpopsters
The Spongetones are wrapping up work on their 12th album, and it’s
set to be a corker, as our friends in England might put it. Titled Scrambled Eggs, it’s got a dozen
tuneful, er, tunes, ranging, as the band tells us, “from sweet (“Inevitable
you”) to lustful (“Lost Weekend”); slow (‘She’ll Be Gone” to hard and fast
(“Talking Around It’) and even one collaboration by all three songwriters (“It
Can’t Go On Forever”).”


band: Steve Stoeckel, Jamie Hoover, Patrick Walters and Rob Thorne. Good guys,
all, trust us. ‘What to call this record?” said Hoover. “Scrambled
is a good temporary name,” said Walters. “That’s better than the title
you had yesterday,” added Thorne. Ergo: Scrambled


to the Spongetones, they enlisted the help of patrons for their last two
records, and they’d like to extend the you-scratch-our-back-we’ll-scratch-yours
again. The deal is: For 25.00, you get a CD with your name in the credits,
autographed by all four members, mailed to you before the general release later
this spring.


parties can go to THIS PAYPAL LINK for Hoover
and fill out the necessary info. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.


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