Shuffle Mag Offers Free V-Day Album



20 love songs for your Valentine’s Day listening pleasure!


By Fred Mills


The economy’s in the toilet and we’re all
looking for some relief, so what better stimulus than free music? Our good
friends over at Charlotte, NC-based Shuffle Magazine – featuring the
dynamic editing duo of John Schacht
and Bryan Reed, who are not-so-coincidentally trusted BLURT contributors –  have a new deal for you! Read on for details.
This has been a Valentine’s Day public service.. with guitars, natch.





Shuffle Presents: The Freeload.



Twenty regional acts from the Triangle to the Triad,
from shining sea (Charleston) to mountains (Asheville), all of ’em
knocking the stuffing out of 20 love songs for your Valentine’s Day listening
pleasure. Includes exclusive soon-to-be mega-hits from the likes of Yardwork,
Floating Action, Sea of Cortez, the French & Indian War, Grids, Bruce Hazel
& Some Volunteers, and Wayne Robbins & the
Hellsayers, as well as already released chart-toppers and
Grammy winners from the likes of the Explorer’s Club, Horseback, Hammer No More
the Fingers, Lou Ford and the Old Ceremony, among many, many more (eight
more, actually).



Just go to and
click on the free download for “VD is for Lovers” link.




Did I mention it’s free? Because it is. Register
on-line with us (takes two seconds, no Spam — well, except this) and download
away; you’ll also be eligible to receive our weekly WTF Gig Finder every
Thursday (good throughout the region), which beings Feb. 26. And stay tuned for
future free-music giveaways.



Please feel free to viralize for friends, siblings,
colleagues, the postman, the guy who mows your neighbor’s lawn, barristas,
Barack, record label execs, etc.




P.S. Heart-felt thanks to the musicians who donated
their time, effort and music, without which this freeload would be extremely





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