Rick Rubin Returns to Hip-Hop!



Has to ask his beard’s
permission first… seriously, when was the last time you saw a rapper with a


By Blurt Staff



EW.com is
that Rick Rubin is diving back into hip-hop, the musical milieu where
he initially made his name in the ‘80s producing the likes of the Beastie Boys,
LL Cool J and Run-DMC. Word has it the cochairman of Columbia Records and owner
of one of music’s great beards has just finished up some recording with The
Clipse in Malibu
and plans are to continue cutting a couple more tracks soon.


The Clipse album’s projected title is Til the Casket Drops is slated for sometime in the summer.


Rubin, of course, has focused more on rock in recent years,
working with Metallica, ZZ Top, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Neil Diamond and,
currently, North Carolina’s Avett Brothers.



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