New Wilco Book En Route


Yer damn right the
world needs another Wilco book!



By Fred Mills


There are already a couple of nigh-on-essential books about
Wilco out there: Greg Kot’s in-depth biography Learning How to Die and the official photo/scrapbook volume The Wilco Book, both from 2004. And fans
needing even more of a Wilco fix probably picked up frontman Jeff Tweedy’s
poetry collection, Adult Head, not to
mention filmmaker Sam Jones’ acclaimed 2003 documentary I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco.


Now, though, comes yet another treatement: Wilco: The Essential Interviews, due May
12 from Rock Reader Books/Lulu. Compiled and edited by U.S. music
writer John Luerssen, it purports to collect “the most significant and
revelatory media interactions of the band’s first thirteen years.”



Spanning the years from 1995 to 2008, Wilco: The Essential Interviews covers the group on its “journey
from cult favorites to international stars” and leads all the way up to last
year’s our of Australia. “An ideal setting for Tweedy’s band to tell its own
unique and intricate story,” advises the publisher, “this book highlights
Wilco’s many accomplishments and houses the most candid and noteworthy
discussions of the group’s career.”


Well, all right then!


 Interestingly, though it won’t be in stores or at
traditional online retailers until May, the book is available for advance
purchase and immediate delivery directly from the publisher:







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