New Mastodon Pre-Order Goodies Offered



Better act fast, fans…
quantities limited, operators standing by to take your calls…


By Blurt Staff



Yesterday the mighty Mastodon kicked off a pre-order for Crack the Skye, their seven-song Brendan
O’Brien-produced opus, exclusively through iTunes. Those who pre-order the
album digitally will also be able to immediately download a new album track,
“Oblivion.” As a bonus, fans who order right away will also receive an
exclusive version of  “Oblivion” recorded
live on the UK’s
XFM radio and is not available anywhere else. 




ITunes will also offer a special deluxe pre-order package,
which includes the Crack the Skye digital
album along with the full album presented as a “score,” in its entirety.  The instrumental score version will invite
fans into a completely unique listening experience that enhances the music’s
sonic ebb and flow into a cinematic adventure.  The deluxe package will also include the live
XFM “Oblivion” track, and an exclusive PDF album booklet file. The downloadable
booklet contains album artwork and in-depth explanations of the intricate and
otherworldly concept behind the record.




On the same day, fans should directly proceed to to purchase the
second in a series of extremely limited-edition fan packs, which consists of
the “Oblivion” single, along with the instrumental “score” version of the track,
and an exclusive Oblivion T-shirt that is not available outside this web
location. Cost of the fan-pack bundle is $24.99. T-shirts will be available in
all sizes and orders will be processed immediately.   All of the other items and editions mentioned
above will be delivered on the official album street date of  Mar.24.




Finally, is the newly launched and highly visual album-related website the band has
established specifically for the album.




Since the previous limited-edition fan pack, which featured
the “Divinations” single and related T-shirt, sold out immediately, and with
the Deluxe Crack the Skye CD + DVD
limited-edition “Tunnel Book” with lithograph nearly gone forever, fans should
not hesitate to visit the band’s websites today. Once these exclusive items have
sold out, they will not be produced again. More news will be announced shortly
so keep a close eye on and


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