Live Nation & Ticketmaster Climb In Bed



Yeah, but who’s taking
it up the ass first?


By Blurt Staff


While the answer to that question above is most likely
“consumers,” the news of the expected merger between entertainment behemoths
Live Nation and Ticketmaster will probably dazzle people sufficiently so that
they don’t feel the anal probing – at least, not yet.


You can go HERE to read the full announcement and press
release materials regarding the newly-established Live Nation Entertainment but
among the choice quotes (you just can’t make this kind of doublespeak up):



“Live Nation Entertainment will have the tools to expand
access, improve transparency and deliver artists and fans more choice – driving
greater attendance at live events and bringing more value to all major
constituents in the industry.”



Michael Rapino, CEO of Live Nation: “This combination
will drive measurable benefits to consumers and accelerate the execution of our
strategy to build a better artist-to-fan direct distribution platform. As every
industry observer knows, too many tickets go unsold and too many fans are
frustrated with their ticket-buying experiences. The current inefficiencies in
the system result in higher costs and confusion over access to seats. Together,
we will work to simplify the ticketing process and ultimately increase
attendance at live events. This is also a logical step in the evolution of our
business model, creating a more diversified company with a stronger financial
profile that will drive improved shareholder value over the long term.”



Irving Azoff, CEO of Ticketmaster Entertainment: “This
merger, and the resources of these combined companies, will create a new
dynamic and unique creative platform of choice for fans across all levels of
the live entertainment experience. There is nothing more magical than the bond
and the intimate relationship of fans to artists. It is truly an experience
that needs to be embraced and nurtured with both integrity and respect. One of
the mandates of the combined company will be to develop that bond to
unsurpassed levels. Additionally, the Live Nation and Ticketmaster relationship
will allow the live entertainment community and their respective venues to
reach fans on unparalleled platforms. I look forward to working closely with
Michael Rapino and the Live Nation team during this exciting and industry
changing time.”



Well, all right then!



There will be a service charge applied to this news item….




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