Kings of Leon: Stalked, Staked Out



Meanwhile, about that
Blurt interview from a few months ago…


By Blurt Staff


This just in from the Kings of Leon are being
“driven out” of Nashville because British fans travel to their hometown, track
down their houses, and leave “scary” gifts and, uh, stuff for them.


Speaking to the UK media, Caleb Followill
explained, “My cousin, who looks after the house, hides them [the
presents] from me – he said I’d be scared. There is an apartment complex across
the street and there are people renting the place out and watching.”

Continued the NME: The fans have even discovered the whereabouts of the
Followills’ “hard to find” family home. “We pulled up and by the
mailbox were two girls in go-go boots, little outfits, just waiting.”


Waiting to do WHAT?


Meanwhile, remember that article titled “Runway” on the Kings that we ran in the November digital issue of BLURT? The one where Followill
went on and on the ups and downs of screwing beautiful, coke-addicted models? The
one where, er, our interviewer basically kept feeding Followill enough rope so
he looked more ridiculous by the word? ‘nuf said.


At any rate, you can also read our review of the Kings’
latest album Only By The Night -“[they’ve]
jumped the shark,” advised our critic – HERE.



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