Hendrix Electric Vodka Now Outlawed!



… and in one legal ruling, instant
eBay collectibles
are created!



By Blurt


This just
in… sharp-eyed BLURT readers may recall that back when we were known as Harp magazine we ran a kind of hands-on
for Hendrix Electric Vodka…





Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. and Authentic Hendrix, LLC, owners of Jimi Hendrix
music, trademarks and licensing rights, won a key legal victory in the
trademark infringement case against Craig Dieffenbach and Electric Hendrix
Spirits, LLC.

Experience Hendrix and Authentic Hendrix filed a lawsuit in 2007 charging that
Dieffenbach and his companies had infringed on Jimi Hendrix trademarks in an
unauthorized, tasteless promotion of “Hendrix Electric” brand of vodka.

United States District Court Judge Zilly today entered a $3,200,000 judgment
against Dieffenbach and his companies for their unlawful conduct.



The Court also permanently enjoined Mr. Dieffenbach and his companies from
commercially using any Jimi Hendrix products and directed that all their
distributors and licensees immediately pull the vodka and other infringing
products from the market and cease all related advertising.  

“We are gratified that justice has been served. Mr. Dieffenbach has been held
accountable for his unlawful actions and prohibited from ever again infringing
our Jimi Hendrix trademarks,” said Janie Hendrix, CEO of Experience Hendrix.
“This judgment recognizes our family’s long-standing commitment to preserve the
Jimi Hendrix legacy and artistic vision.”

This Federal enforcement action began in March 2007, when Experience Hendrix
and Authentic Hendrix charged Dieffenbach and his companies with gross
infringement against Jimi Hendrix trademarks and related property rights.
Experience Hendrix alleged that Dieffenbach intended to deceive the public into
believing that the Jimi Hendrix family companies had authorized the sale of
vodka and other infringing products. This victory is a complete vindication of
Experience Hendrix and Authentic Hendrix’s exclusive ownership of Jimi Hendrix
music, trademarks and licensing rights.



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