Handsome Family & Pals Free V-Day MP3s


Yet more musical
sweets served up absolutely gratis…


By Blurt Staff


Carrot Top Records masquerades as Cupid with a special
Valentine’s Day promo featuring love songs by The Handsome Family, Speck Mountain
and The Bitter Tears.


Handsome Family is giving away free music tomorrow to
celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Their Carrot
Top Records labelmates Speck
Mountain and Bitter Tears
are also getting in on the action – see below for all the details.





Beginning at midnight on Saturday, February 14 a
downloadable widget becomes available at http://www.carrottoprecords.com.
Only available for a 24-hour lifespan, the widget contains “Darling, My
Darling” by the Handsome Family, “Angela” by Speck Mountain
and “The Love Letter” by the Bitter Tears.



One of Mojo‘s top
ten American Albums for 2006 and called “an unqualified triumph” by Uncut,
The Handsome Family consider their songs Romantic in the 19th century sense of
the word: full of an awed sense of emotion in the face of nature’s mysteries.
Their eighth CD, Honey Moon (releasing April 14, 2009) was written to
celebrate their twentieth year of marriage.



Earning them a spot on UNCUT’s
20 Best Americana Albums of 2008, Speck Mountain’s divine marriage between
melody and drone leads these “musical soul mates” to the release of Some
Sweet Relief
on March 17, 2009.



Crafting an assault of absurd lyrical undertones, The Bitter
Tears blend different kinds of pop (country, folk, rock, brass band) while
flying by the seat of their pants with whatever direction a song happened to be
moving. Taken hold by the Chicago
quintet, The Bitter Tears will release their second album, Jam Tarts in the
, through Carrot Top Records on March 3, 2009.





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