Diamond Dave Assteroidz Game Launches!


Good clean arcade fun
never goes out of fashion.


By Fred Mills


Proof that David Lee Roth ain’t just diamond, he’s perennial
GOLD, came back in December when we brought you word of a DLR-themed website whereby you could click through and receive a veritable choruses of short Roth
audio clips (“Oh God!” “Whooo!” “You know, UHHH!” etc.). Seriously good twisted
fun, and the site appears to still be operative.


This one’s even better: a Van Halen Asteroids game – or,
more accurately, Diamond Dave Edition
. It utilizes the typical keyboard controls (up arrow for thrust,
L-R arrow to rotate, space bar to fire the blasters), but instead of the
familiar chunky asteroids we all know and love from back in the early ‘80s, the
objects floating through space that you have to destroy are assorted Van Halen
logos, disembodied Eddie Van Halen heads, a roly-poly looking alien, and more.


Your icon that’s doing the blasting? None other than
depiction of a leaping, split-legged Roth, natch. Sound effects include, quite
logically, random Roth utterances.


Watch out for that head of Sammy Hagar that goes zipping
past ya! He can’t drive just 55!





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