8 Great Triangle Bands Bonanza




Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill artists to get props this Friday… expect the
usual backlash, of course…


By Fred Mills



For the past five years our good friends over at the
Raleigh, NC, daily newspaper The News
& Observer
have been sponsoring their “Eight Great Local Acts” blowout
in which they spotlight eight (duh) deserving bands from the Triangle –
Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill – and give ‘em their due. The intention, of
course, is to help draw attention to the toppermost of the poppermost, and
anyone who’s ever lived in the Triangle area will tell ya, there’s a lot of
damn talent lurking on the various college campuses, haunting the Comboland
clubs and shacking up in the wilds of Chatham County. (The latter was where,
each summer, yours truly harvested some positively primo bud during my 1974-83
Triangle tenure… but I digress.)



 In the past, the N&O‘s calls have been pretty dead
on. Among the picks that clicked: Rosebuds
and Valient Thorr before anybody heard of them; Jason Michael Carroll, who
later hit #1 on the country charts after he got his record deal; a bluegrass
band that went on to get a gold record in Norway, of all places (Chatham County
Line); and a few last year that subsequently became semi-large buzz bands
(Bowerbirds, Bon Iver associates Megafaun).



As N&O pop
critic (and BLURT contributor) David Menconi puts it, they’re awfully proud of
the whole deal, and it’s also a true “labor of love for [a number of people]
that put in their own time to get it done, especially the photographers and
multi-media people.”



Ah, multimedia: this year’s eight picks will be unveiled in
the newspaper this Friday, Feb. 6, so plan on pointing your browsers to www.newsobserver.com/great8  later this week. While you wait, you can also
view a thrill-a-moment trailer for the event elsewhere on the site. The sights!
The sounds! The furies! See if you can figure out from the clip who the eight
bands are…



There will be a slew of online content at the papers site,
including live performance clips, “where are they now?” updates on the previous
five years’ picks, and more. Also, there will be a “Great Eight” show the
following Friday, lucky Feb. 13, at Chapel Hill’s
Local 506 venue.



Meanwhile, what would a local-scene awards/honors-type thing
be without some local controversy to boot? Go HERE to catch up on all that…
another one of the alternative weekly versus the daily paper pissing matches,
natch. The reader comments after the editorial are priceless, although someone
should have added that with all that’s been going on in the print media world,
the dailies and the weeklies are essentially interchangeable nowadays, unlike,
say, ten or even five years ago. Plus the fact that ANY coverage of local
artists – extensive, subjective, whatever – is a good thing no matter from what
corner it comes.


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