Ursula 1000 Gets Mystical


Long overdue followup to 2005 album.


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1000 (née Alex Gimeno) releases his fourth studio album, “Mystics,” on February 24, 2009
through Eighteenth Street Lounge (ESL). 
This is the follow up to “Here
Comes Tomorrow
” (2005). Exclusive to the “Mystics” packaging
is a full color poster by acclaimed comic book creator and 2008 Eisner Award
winner, Vasilis Lolos.  The first single
from “Mystics” is “Zombies” featuring Kojak.



to a DJ Ayres remix of the song:





1000 returns from journeys into outer space with an epic collection of
psychedelic sonic sorcery.  Zig-Zagging further
away from the cheeky vintage breakbeat-rhumba of previous albums, the Brooklyn beat-wizard ventures into tougher and more
angular territory:  beats banging harder
and bass popping louder.  Drawing from a
variety of new influences and collaborations, Ursula 1000 delivers lethal doses
of dirty booty-breaks with tracks like “Rump” featuring MC Tee Double, gothic
sexcapades with “I.C.O.M.E.” featuring sex-kitten vocalist Rochelle Vincente
Von K, electro-dancehall with “Step Back” featuring Jamaican toaster Sista
Widey, and disco-funk filth with “Star Machine” featuring jazz-breaks producer
Mocean Worker.  At once playful and
dangerous, “Mystics” is a
cry to the stars!



Gimeno explains, “The new album differs from the 50’s and 60’s retro leanings
of the first two albums, “The Now Sound” and “Kinda’
Kinky.”  With “Here Comes
Tomorrow,” more elements of psychedelic and glam rock were creeping in
alongside more electro and post punk influences. “Mystics” continues
with that approach but with beats that are lot heavier, definitely influenced
by electro house and baile funk/baltimore breaks/fidget house rhythms. Also,
every track has a vocal on it, which is new for me. I think the songs are more
fully realized.”



continues, “It’s still fun and cheeky at some points like my previous work, but
I think more of what I’m about is coming through. A lot of people probably
still think of me sipping martinis at home and listening to Henry Mancini
(which I sometimes do!), but I wanted to include other influences such as
eastern psychedelia, booty bass, slamming clubbier sounds, goth rock,
mythology, New York city life, cosmic disco, classic horror and still a thread
of electro go-go (which never goes away!)….”



1000 has established himself as one of the top international DJs.  After relocating to NYC from Miami
in 1998, Gimeno has become synonymous with New York music and lifestyle culture.  He continues his A P T monthly residency
(seven years strong) and tours all over the world. His remix skills are
constantly in demand, reworking tracks from Quincy Jones to Felix da Housecat
to The Faint, as well as being asked to remix the theme songs from The
Incredibles, The Powerpuff Girls and Sesame
Street. He has also supplied music to a number of
hit shows from Sex and the City, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Yo Gabba Gabba,
Tony Hawk’s ESPN specials, among others and national commercials for AT&T,
Samsung, and Adidas.






Mystics Tracklisting


1.  Summoned from the Void

2.  The Wizard (featuring Kathleen Cholewka)

3.  Rocket

4.  Rump (featuring MC Tee Double)

5.  I.C.O.M.E. (featuring Rochelle Vincente Von

6.  Losin’ It (featuring Anton Glamb)

7.  Zombies (featuring Kojak)

8.  Do It Right

9.  Star Machine (featuring Mocean Worker)

10.  Tension (featuring Paddy from Schwab)

11.  Step Back (featuring Sista Widey)

12.  This Magick

13.  Mystics (featuring Mike Geier)



Tour Dates:


23  APT/New York,
NY w/ All Good Funk Alliance

24  The Lantern/Blacksburg, Virginia

31  Trophy Bar/Brooklyn, NY

14  Rubulad/Brooklyn, NY

27  APT/New York, NY-Record
Release Party!

6    Halo/Atlanta, Georgia

13  Black Music Festival/Girona, Spain

14  Razzmatazz/Barcelona, Spain

20  Sala El Tren/Granada, Spain

27  A38 Boat/Budapest, Hungary

28  tba/Vienna, Austria

2    Art House/Thessaloniki, Greece

3    Heaven/Kiev, Ukraine

4    TapTab/Schaffhausen, Switzerland

10  Fabric/London, UK

11   Lucca/Istanbul, Turkey

12   tba/Istanbul, Turkey

17   tba/Denver, Colorado

18   Maki CLub/Ingolstadt, Germany





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