Thank You, God. Flea-Faces Tour Nixed


Bad idea turns out to
be just that, and Rod the Mod puts the kibosh on it.


By Fred Mills


While faces at Britain’s Daily
were crimson yesterday, elsewhere it was all smiles: that Faces
reunion featuring Flea is apparently NOT happening, despite guitarist Ron Wood
reportedly telling the U.K. publication that he and vocalist Rod Stewart had
not only written new material but that Flea would be taking the place of late
bassist Ronnie Lane.


In a report posted yesterday by Billboard, spokespersons for Stewart and Flea, respectively, said
that “there are no plans for a Faces reunion tour this year” and that the
bassist “knows nothing” of a tour.


No speculation as of yet whether or not recovering alcoholic
Wood was back on the sauce when he disclosed the “news” to the Daily Mirror


Meanwhile, news was issued yesterday of a more confirmed
nature: keyboardist Ian McLagan will be touring in support of his new album Never Say Never, due March 3. It’ll kick
off Feb. 21 in Memphis and wrap at SXSW in March
in Austin. Go
HERE for details.


Okay, all together lads: let’s think this thing through, but
carefully. A lot of us would LOVE to see a Faces reunion. Just not one with





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