Rodriguez Meets Animal Collective!


Summit of ‘70s cult hero with ‘00s cult heroes…
can’t get more in-synch than that.


By Blurt Staff


BLURT fave Rodriguez is set to appear tonight in Rock Island, IL, near Chicago, at The
Huckleberry Pizza Parlor (223 18th St), directly below the Daytrotter Studios. As of
this writing, tickets are still available – all you Windy City
area folks, you don’t wanna miss this.


Need convincing? Go HERE to read our review of Rodriguez’
recent North Carolina


This comes on the heels of last night’s sold-out show at
Chicgo’s Metro, where Rodriguez opened for the Animal Collective. And yeah, you
probably did miss that precisely because it WAS sold out. So like we said,
don’t pass up tonight’s gig.






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