Prince Nailed for Plagiarism


They call this an
instance of the chickens coming home to roost…


By Fred Mills


Prince is one litigious sonofabitch. He likes to sue folks
for trading live bootlegs. He likes to sue folks for building fan websites. He
likes to sue people who pay tribute to him by recording or performing his
. He likes to sue people who reproduce his likeness in public regardless
whether or not it’s for publicity or profit. We’re not certain, but we think he
even likes to sue people that write about the fact that he likes to sue people.



At any rate, now comes word that the tables have been
turned: Prince has been sued (emphasis on past tense – the little-known lawsuit
was filed nearly 15 years ago) by a pair of Italian songwriters, Bruno Bergonzi
and Michele Vicino, for the similarity between their 1983 song “Takin’ Me To
Paradise” and his 1994 hit “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World.” The case has
been on appeal since 2003, and an Italian court has finally ruled that Prince “borrowed
heavily” from the other two songwriters. A final hearing will take place, and
if that comes down in favor of Bergonzi and Vicino, His Purpleness will have to
stop distributing the song on Italian territory and pay some pretty substantial
back royalties.


Fun! That sobbing sound coming from a Minneapolis recording studio? Why, did you
ever wonder what it sounds like… wait for it… when doves cry?





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