Please, God, No: Flea Joins the Faces


This just in… only two
days into the Obama administration and things just got worse…


By Fred Mills


Music fans were blindsided last evening when word arrived that
the much-anticipated Faces reunion, confirmed as a “go” recently by guitarist
Ron Wood, would also include Flea assuming the bass slot (founding member Ronnie Lane passed
away in 1997, and latter-era bassist Tetsu Yamauchi apparently was never under


Tuesday night Wood disclosed the news while attending the
South Bank Award sin London.


That howling sound? It’s millions of Faces devotees
expressing their anger and their anguish. Flea, of course, inexplicably remains
a hugely respected musician among his peers, but the rest of us know this much:
dude may bring the funk but he sure can’t rock. He and his band the Red Hot
Chili Peppers are one of the main reasons alternative music in the ‘90s blew


C’mon Rod, Ron – there are scores of subservient session
bassists that would be able to hold down your bottom end with grace and style. And
the Faces name alone will sell tickets. You don’t need a hopping, gurning
showoff superstar like Flea to boost those sales.





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