Oasis w/Free Online Documentary

Dig Out Your Soul in
the Street debuts on MySpace.


By Fred Mills


“Lord don’t slow me down…” So goes the tagline of the
Who-meets-Yardbirds song of the same name from Oasis, and that might as well be
a manifesto of late for the band, too. If you head over to their MySpace page
you can view an exclusive (and free, duh) 18 minute, black and white
documentary titled Dig Out Your Soul in
the Street
. It features Liam Gallagher, Gem Archr and Andy Bell in a
Brooklyn loft last September surrounded by a crew of NYC street musicians (most
of them part of the MTA’s Music Under New York program), and the band proceeds
to teach the assembled buskers how to play select songs from the
then-unreleased Oasis album Dig Out Your


Directed by The Malloys (White Stripes), it’s reportedly the
first high-def film to debut on MySpace.


Hey, with the touring industry in the toilet like the rest
of the economy, maybe Oasis and other groups should turn the whole thing around
and start busking in the subways and on the streets themselves! How cool would
this be: You’re walking briskly down the avenue to pick up your morning coffee
and bagel and along the way you pass a few guys bashing away on guitars, and – “Hey,
is that….? Nah, no way. Couldn’t be… waitaminnit… Shit honey, run home fast and grab a Sharpie and our copy of Achtung Baby!”





Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul In The Streets

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