Oasis Assailant Faces 14 Years In Prison



Daniel Sullivan now
charged with aggravated assault in Oasis concert incident.


By Fred Mills


Remember that Sept. 7 incident in Toronto at the Virgin Music Festival when a
man bolted onstage during Oasis’ set and slammed into Noel Gallagher, knocking
him down and breaking his ribs (and subsequently leading to cancellation of a
number of Oasis gigs)? You can read our eye-witness account from the
photographers’ pit HERE.


Meanwhile, media reports tell us that the assailant, 47-year
old Daniel Sullivan, who had originally been charged with assault, has now had
the charge upgraded to “aggravated assault.” The offense carries a maximum
sentence of 14 years, compared to just 5 for the original charge. Sullivan goes
back to court March 6 for a pre-trial hearing.



[Pictured: NOT Daniel Sullivan, duh!]



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