Morrissey Meets Manu Chao!


Okay, slightly
misleading headline… hey, it could happen!


By Blurt Staff


While the following technically falls under the heading of “industry
meh“, we actually think it’s kinda
interesting. The fact that Morrissey has a massive following in Mexico and the
Latin community, for one thing, and also the fact that any excuse to put Mano
Chao in a news item is a good excuse. Read press release, below…






Lost Highway Records (home to such leading artists as
Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, Morrissey, Lyle Lovett and Shelby Lynne) and
Nacional Records (home to leading Latin alternative artists such as Manu Chao,
Nortec Collective, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Aterciopelados) have forged a
collaboration by offering each other’s expertise in their efforts on two of
their biggest artists, Morrissey and Manu Chao.

As a result, Nacional will assist Lost Highway with their upcoming
Morrissey release “Years of Refusal” (out February 17th) by targeting their
marketing expertise toward the Latino community, of which the legendary British
artist has a massive following. In return, Lost Highway will help Nacional continue
the success of the critically acclaimed “La Radiolina”, the latest Latin
Grammy-winning release from global star Manu Chao. Lost Highway will focus
their marketing efforts to the community of loyal music fans (with their broad
musical tastes) who continue to support their acclaimed roster.

Kim Buie, VP A&R at Lost Highway, believes strongly in
this unique collaboration. “We are very excited to be working with Tomas
Cookman and the team at Nacional”, says Ms. Buie. “Morrissey has an enormous
following in the Latin community, so the opportunities that Nacional brings has
great value. I’ve known Tomas for many years and his expertise is

Tomas Cookman, president and owner of Nacional Records,
adds, “I am a long time fan of Lost
Highway and feel that they have a unique way of
speaking to and interacting with fans, through quality music. We are honored to
be working with such a cool artist in Morrissey – his new album is absolutely
fantastic. In addition, I have always believed that Manu Chao is the type of
artist whose albums have long legs and continue developing over time – whether
it’s months or even years. We are truly excited about the opportunity to expose
his music to a new and open-minded audience.”

Ms. Buie goes further to say, “With the declining economy
that we are all facing, it makes sense to seek new ways, and specific to our
efforts here, new markets – to promote our respective projects. Perhaps, they
can lead to other opportunities and audiences down the road for both of us and
our artists.”



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