Leo, Bird, Langford Rock Inaugural Ball in DC


Presenting the Big Shoulders Ball: Chicago Celebrates Change


Roxana Hadadi


probably helped elect Barack Obama into the White House, so why not have some
fun now that the next four years are locked up liberal-style?


you happen to be in the nation’s capitol (not necessarily as hipster-heavy a
city as New York City or Chicago,
but still..) on the night before President George W. Bush’s last day, stop by
the Black Cat for the Big Shoulders Inauguration Ball, presented by storied
Chicago venue The Hideout along with Interchange but held in D.C. for obvious
reasons. Washington
will be going apeshit the next day, so if you want to prepare yourself for
Obama’s history-making, check out the tiny club that could for a show featuring
Andrew Bird, Ted Leo and more on Jan. 19.


Black Cat’s website describes the event as a “celebration of citizen politics,
independent music and Windy City civic pride,” and along with Bird’s folk-y
American sound and Leo’s delightfully angry political tunes will feature
Chicago’s Waco Brothers, Eleventh Dream Day and Jon Langford, among others (for
the full artist list, visit www.blackcatdc.com).


may want to get your tickets soon ($50 each) and line up early – the venue is
all ages and kinda small, so it being packed isn’t unimaginable. And you’ll
finally be able to know for sure: Can Democrats party? Bill Clinton’s numerous
sexy rendezvous don’t count…


portion of proceeds will go to the Chicago Public Schools marching bands
program as well as the Future of Music Coalition.




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