LA “Art Of Change” Inaugural Ball



Los Angeles gears up for a big-ass west coast
swearing-in ceremony…


By Jose Martinez


With scalpers asking for thousands of dollars for tickets to
President-elect Barack Obama’s highly anticipated inauguration in Washington, DC, the city
of Los Angeles
is preparing to celebrate change West
Coast style.


Billed as the city’s only inauguration ball, the celebration
is being called the “Art
of Change” Inaugural Ball and will be held at the famed Mayan in downtown
L.A. next Tuesday, January 20. Held in conjunction with the Washington, DC
“Art of Change” Official Inaugural Ball, these two parties will be
linked via Web cam and Internet so that others all over the world can watch and


by Wonderland adVentures, entertainment will be provided
courtesy of The Crystal Method, as well as Burning Man sensation The Mutaytor,
featuring a cast of roughly two-dozen performers; currently an
11-piece modern analog and electronic dance orchestra, plus a 15-member visual
team creating a rapid fire succession of futuristic,
vaudevillian theatre and choreographed dance acts, coupled with
breathtaking feats of aerial performance, giant screen visuals and unique
reinterpretations of the circus arts.




asked to attend in creative formal attire (it is a Ball after all), can watch
Obama’s Inauguration
Speech on
the BIG SCREEN while noshing on healthy food from Carbon Grill (a farmer’s market favorite).
Following the speech, San Francisco’s DJ Motion
 will spin prior to the live performances.

 from Visual Symphony (as
seen at Coachella) will be doing a commemorative audio/visual display
unveiled for the first time at the “Art of Change” Inaugural Ball.

Commemorative poster art will be
available by artist Seth Balliett,
and Chocolate Obama heads will be on hand thanks to HipHop Chocolate in both dark and
while chocolate, and some swirled.


Obamanation T-Shirts – front of
tee reads: “From Abomination to Obama-nation” will be on sale with a
percentage of sales going to Burners
Without Borders (


Rev. Gadget
and the full-function, plug-in Battery Electric Vehicle (EV),
the Ecolectrica Speedster/EV will be present. Party goers will be
able to discover the economical and environmentally friendly advantages derived
from owning a freeway capable, electric drive car with a 140-mile range and sports car performance. 


If there was ever a time and reason to let loose and
celebrate, forget New Years Eve – that’s amateur hour, now is it! After eight
scary years Tuesday night looks to usher in a new, anything-is-possible era.



Wonderland adVentures’ “Art
of Change” Inaugural Ball will be held January 20 at The Mayan ( Doors open at 7PM and
Obama’s inauguration speech will be shows at 8PM. Tickets are $10 and can be
purchased at




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