Grandaddy’s Lytle Preps Anti- Solo LP


Album due May 19 on


By Blurt Staff


Jason Lytle, who helmed Cali indie upstarts Grandaddy through the
second half of the nineties and into the new millennium before putting the
beast to rest in 2006, dips into the solo arena on May 19 via Anti-. Titled Yours Truly, the Commuter, the 12-songer
comes on the heels of Lytle’s guest appearance on M. Ward’s upcoming Hold Time and is described by the record
label thusly:



“Dreamy soundscapes
mirror the dramatic environment of Lytle’s newly-adopted Montana,
where the record was written and recorded, while the twang of central California farmland remains in the inflection and
phrasings of the Modesto
native’s unmistakable voice. Electronic flourishes collide with acoustic
guitars and soulful piano parts, recreating Lytle’s signature electro-lo-fi
atmospheres. The fuzzed out rocking of “It’s the Weekend” is balanced
by the beautiful heartbreak of “Rollin’ Home Alone,” but it is the
opening lines of the first song that so neatly encapsulates the past few years
of Jason Lytle’s
life, and his future as an artist: ‘I may be limping, but I’m coming home.'”



Well, all right then! Welcome home, Jason!


Yours Truly, the Commuter tracklisting:

1. Yours Truly, the Commuter
2. Brand New Sun
3. Ghost Of My Old Dog
4. I Am Lost (And The Moment Cannot Last)
5. Birds Encouraged Him
6. It’s The Weekend
7 Fürget It
8. This Song Is The Mute Button
9. Rollin’ Home Alone
10. You’re Too Gone
11. Flying Thru Canyons
12. Here For Good


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