Fake Led Zeppelin Story Goes Meta!


There’s only one
letter’s difference between “meta” and “metal,” did you notice?


By Fred Mills


Meta meta meta meta meta…
you gotta love meta, especially when it relates to the world of music
journalism. Remember how this past Friday we told you about Jimmy Page’s
manager saying once and for all
that prospects for a Robert Plant-less Led
Zeppelin reunion are dead? And how barely 24 hours early all sorts of media
outlets, from the NME to Pitchfork to MTV had been saying a Zep tour was a
“go,” based on comments from that same manager?


Some of us had been scratching our heads about the
uncommonly speedy turnaround, particularly the way Page manager Peter Mensch
had phrased some of his most current comments in an interview with Music Radar. Well, according to updated
info from Music Radar
, the confusion
stemmed from an interview with Mensch that BBC radio published on its website
Wednesday morning regarding plans by Page and John Paul Jones to tour and
record without Plant – an interview bearing the dateline January 7, 2008, not 2009.


‘nuf said. Some bonehead at the BBC got a good whuppin’ over
the weekend, no doubt. Read the whole timeline of how things went down at the Music Radar story.


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