Dan Deacon For Massive US Tour



full live band with him this time out.


By Blurt Staff


Dan Deacon wil be hitting the road in
support of his new album, Bromst (out March 24 on Carpark).  He has
a one-off solo show in NYC this week on Jan. 30 and then on April 3 he’ll
launch the official Bromst tour in Philly.  This tour will feature
a full live ensemble similar to the one that performed with him at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple
back in Dec. but will have different members.  Baltimore
bands Future Islands
and Teeth Mountain are set to open the entire
tour. See the itinerary, below.

About Dan Deacon’s Bromst:

The art made by Baltimore
artist Dan Deacon is about community and how to organize and inspire it. From
founding a now well-known art collective (Wham City), to organizing and running
an annually sold-out DIY music festival (Whartscape), to conceiving, planning
and curating a massive 60 person/30 band tour (Baltimore Round Robin Tour),
it’s clear to see that community and bringing people together is the major
theme of his work. Bromst is the embodiment of that way of thinking.

For the last three years Dan Deacon has been working on Bromst. Fusing
together the growing intensity of his live performances with his background in
electro-acoustic composition, the outcome is a collection of pieces that are
intense and epic and at the same time down to earth and welcoming. Bromst embodies the same energy and excitement as Spiderman of the Rings,
however the craftsmanship and composition on Bromst have a wider scope
and richer palette.

Unlike the completely electronic Spiderman of the Rings, the
instrumentation on Bromst is a mixture of acoustic instruments,
mechanical instruments, samples and electronics. The player piano, marimba,
glockenspiel, vibraphone, live drums, winds and brass give Bromst a much
richer tone than his previous work. The intricate and complex parts, skillfully
executed by the performers, are woven together into a rich, dense, noisy dance
pop that has become Dan Deacon’s signature sound.


About the Dan Deacon / Adventure split

For the past five years, Baltimore’s
Dan Deacon has been traveling around the world performing in just about any
space imaginable from alleyways, basements and abandoned buildings to institutions
like the Whitney, the Getty and the Smithsonian. Much has changed since Dan
started his travels. While his music still has the same uplifting spirit as
before, it now has a maturity. The piece “Get Older” is about
realizing that aging, growth and change should be embraced, not feared. The
music is more about a celebration than a party. The party’s not over, it’s just
not a drunken rager anymore. It is a music to celebrate with, to get excited
with. You can still trash around and dance until you’re soaked in sweat, but
it’s not a distraction or escape. It’s music written to help motivate and get
pumped in both joyous and difficult times.

Adventure’s side starts with an oldie and ends with a newbie.  The first
song “Poison Diamonds” is like an 8 bit Lego masterpiece built by a
10 year old living on another planet.  The second song, Lifeguard, is the
most recent from Baltimore’s
Adventure. The lyrics were inspired by Dan Deacon after Benny (aka Adventure)
played him the instrumental track.  It is the first Adventure song to
feature Benny’s voice, and is slower and poppier than his previous video-game
sounding work.


(all shows with full live ensemble, and with Future
Islands and Teeth Mountain
opening, except where noted)

01/30 Brooklyn, NY Danbro Studios (solo set)
04/03 Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church
04/05 Williamsburg, VA The Little Theater
04/06 Asheville, NC Orange Peel
04/07 Knoxville, TN Catalyst
04/08 Birmingham, AL Bottletree
04/09 Athens, GA 88/cp
04/10 Atlanta, GA Eyedrum
04/11 Tallahassee, FL FSU / Club Downunder
04/13 New Orleans, LA The Candle Factory / The Heavy
04/15 Baton Rouge, LA Spanish Moon
04/16 Houston, TX Orange Show
04/18 Ft. Worth, TX The Ft. Worth Modern Museum
04/20 Tempe, AZ The Clubhouse
04/21 San Diego, CA Che Cafe
04/22 Los Angeles, CA Troubadour
04/23 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall
04/24 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom
04/25 Seattle, WA The Vera Project
04/26 Vancouver, BC Richards on Richards
04/29 Salt Lake City, UT Kilby Court
04/30 Denver, CO Bluebird Theater
05/01 Kansas City, MO Pistol S.C.
05/02 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock (2 shows, early and late)
05/04 Madison, WI Majestic Theatre
05/05 Milwaukee, WI Turner Hall Ballroom
05/06 Urbana, IL Canopy Club / Club Void
05/07 Chicago, IL The Metro
05/08 Mt. Pleasant, MI CMU / The Wesley Foundation
05/09 Detroit, MI Scrummage
05/10 Toronto, ONT The Deleon White Gallery
05/11 Montreal, QC La Sala Rossa
05/12 South Burlington, VT HG Showcase Lounge
05/13 Cambridge, MA Middle East Downstairs
05/15 Brooklyn, NY Danbro Studios
05/16 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom
05/17 Washington, DC 9:30 Club





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