Cut Off Your Hands Meets Ra Ra Riot!



Pair of
blogger-approved outfits join forces for an economically-sensible tour.


By Blurt Staff


Cut Off Your Hands, whose long-playing, Bernard Butler-produced debut album You And I is reviewed next week by BLURT (it was issued this week by Frenchkiss Records), has announced a spring tour in partnership with likeminded indie upstarts Ra Ra Riot. Complete list of dates, below.

Hailing from Australia, the band now calls London home, and frontman Nick Johnston recently issued a statement to fans outlining exactly what’s up with the album:

“For the album we all felt Bernard was the best for our band. He just seems to understand us as a group more than most. He’s very hands-on with the pre-production, with a clear vision for how each instrument has a part to play in bringing the best out of a song.

“For the first time I’ve written songs with the studio in mind, as opposed to writing for our live show. Once again, this has been just treating each song in the way that best suits the song. Bernard’s really adamant in pushing to treat each song on its merits. Some songs worked straight away, whilst others came together slowly, only sounding amazing once we put all the vocals and overdubs on.

“There’s a whole lot more instrumentation on the record this time as well. BB was really keen to make a record which had points of difference to separate us from the droves of British guitar bands around right now. And we’ve taken a few more risks than usual. Bernard has taken us (as players) out of our comfort zones, deconstructing the way we think. But it’s a good, healthy thing – risk taking- because when it works out you progress. I feel that the new songs are definitely an organic progression. In that the songs from the EP Blue On Blue were completely melody based, but all fairly similar. They were bouncy and energetic. Hopefully we’ve made a LP which listens in a far more dynamic sense than the two previous EP’s.

“Our pop sensibility has come lately. (While writing the record) I was listening to a lot of doo-wop – in particular Phil Spector produced groups like the Ronnettes, and the Crystals – and I’ve been obsessed with how melodically centred those old songs are. It’s what makes them still relevant and exciting to someone like me, a 23 year old, 50 years later. I also began seriously taking an interest in 1950’s artists such as Roy Orbison, Ritchie Valens and Elvis. I found that I was no longer that interested in weird sounds, or noisy groups, all I wanted to hear and recreate were beautiful vocal melodies that are calculated but appear so effortless.

“We feel we’ve really matured as songwriters quite a bit since the last release, and we think that maturity is demonstrated in the depth of this record. I’m happy that Bernard has been so eager to take risks with our music, and has aimed to make a record we’ll still be listening to in years to come.”

Tour Dates:

2/21 – Richard’s on Richards w/Ra Ra Riot & Telekinesis – Vancouver BC
2/22 – Lucky Bear w/Ra Ra Riot – Victoria BC
2/24 – Doug Fir Lounge w/Ra Ra Riot & Telekinesis – Portland OR
2/25 – Neumo’s Crystal  Ball Reading w/Ra Ra Riot & Telekinesis –
Seattle WA
2/27 – The Independent w/Ra Ra Riot & Telekinesis – San Francisco CA
2/28 – El Rey Theatre w/Ra Ra Riot & Telekinesis – Los Angeles CA
3/1 – The Loft-UCSD w/Ra Ra Riot & Telekinesis – La Jolla CA
3/2 – Detroit Bar w/Ra Ra Riot & Telekinesis – Costa Mesa CA
3/7 – Kilby Court w/Future Cop & Theophilus – Salt Lake City UT
3/15 – Firebird w/Headlights, Pomegranates & Gentlemen Auction House – St
Louis MO
3/16 – Conservatory w/El Paso Hot Button – Oklahoma City OK
3/24 – The Cinemat w/Passion Pit & Ra Ra Riot – Bloomington IN
3/25 – Musica w/Passion Pit & Ra Ra Riot – Akron OH
3/26 – Blind Pig w/Passion Pit & Ra Ra Riot – Ann Arbor MI



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