Boy George Off to the Slammer!


Rumored to be
re-learning the lyrics to “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” upon learning his
cell mate “Rocco” had told reporters he was looking forward to “having a new


By Fred Mills


For we humans, there are a few reassuring constants: birth,
death, taxes, insane blogging from Courtney Love – and Boy George fucking up
big time every year or so. Sadly, however, starting right now we’ll have to
wait at least 15 months for more of the latter: the Boy (George O’Dowd) has
been sentenced to prison time after being found guilty of false imprisonment
last month.


Sharp memories will recall that the erstwhile Culture Club
front-thing had taken a male escort who he’d met on social networking site
Gaydar home with him back in April of 2007, and following a disagreement that,
depending on who tells the story (Boy George or the ho), either concerned some cocaine,
lewd photos and a laptop (a “cocaine-fueled pornographic photo shoot” that took
place a few months earlier is how it’s been described) or a refusal on the part
of the latter to have sex with the former. Boy George reportedly handcuffed the
guy to his bed, beat him with a chain, taunted him, and forced him to listen to
hours of old Culture Club records (okay, we made that last part up).
“Fucking whore! Now you’re going to get what you deserve,” Boy George told
the escort at some point during all this.


Boy George did not testify in his own defense at the
trial but his lawyer chalked the incident up to being drug-crazed at the time
and said that the now-recovering addict is a “kind and generous man…he is on
the way back from that nether world. I am emboldened to say that there is
enormous hope.” His brother David told reporters that the singer didn’t
want to upset him mum with all the lurid details.


Ahem. We seriously doubt there’s anything he could do at
this point that would raise her blood pressure any higher. Those photos of him
doing community service (picking up garbage, etc.) in New York following a 2006 cocaine bust) were
worth the price of a few heart attacks alone.


Boy George did, however, allude to his court case while
onstage in London
on December 17, commenting, “I like to think you can say a lot by saying
nothing,” he said. “I’ll just say this: none of us are defined by our


Fair enough. If that logic works for George W. Bush, it can
work for the other Boy George.









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