Bon Jovi Got Soul AND A Stinky Lawsuit

Wanted dead or alive…
by a summons server!

By Fred Mills

While the world’s economy continues to crumble, many individuals
are finding new methods of entrepreneurship. To wit: the designer lawsuit. In
this instance, former Philadelphia Soul arena football team sales manager
Joseph Krause is suing the co-owners of the business to the tune of $125,000.

This of course wouldn’t even warrant a news blip under most
circumstance: when was the last time you saw ANYTHING about arena football in
the news? No one gives a shit about arena football!

One of the
co-owners, however, is Jon Bon Jovi. Hence this and, as of this writing, 197
other news items that a Google search unearths. Krause is claiming he’s owed
commissions of around $83k for the 2008 season and $41k for the 2009 season
which, as we all know, was cancelled.

Wait, you didn’t know it was cancelled? We didn’t even know
one was scheduled!

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