Blurt’s “Exclusive” Kelly Clarkson Pics!



Nobody in our office
wrote that headline, honest.


By Fred Mills



With the entire friggin’ planet reeling from the news that the
video for Kelly Clarkson’s hit song “My Life Would Suck With You” had been
taken down at YouTube – it was posted to the video sharing site last night but
quickly removed per the request of her record label, since plans are for it to
officially debut tonight during American
– BLURT staffers gathered ‘round the boardroom table and anxiously
debated whether this type of juicy controversy would be sufficient to write up
a, you know, snarky news item.


A few hours later we sobered up, rubbed our eyes and said,
collectively, “Naaaah….


But we do have a coupla stills from the shoot that the label
leaked to the press prior to the brou-ha-ha….




Don’t you feel better now? Somebody buy us a drink, please.


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