Blurt Exclusive: Elvis Found In Seattle!


A legion of King
acolytes pull on their jumpsuits and get up on stage, and we were there.


By Fred Mills


Needless to say, it’s not every day you get to see Elvis
perform, much less a dozen-odd Elvi. (Emphasis on “odd.”) But that’s exactly
what our Seattle
correspondent – and resident Elvis fanatic – Gillian G. Gaar did the other
night, and we’ve got the text and photos to prove it.


The photo above (taken by Ms. Gaar) is just a taste – scroll
down to our concert reviews section or go directly in via this link to see, and
we do mean see, exactly what went
down at the 12th Annual Elvis Invitationals, which are kinda like a
drag race minus the cars and emphasis on “drag.”


As Gaar puts it, “You wouldn’t mistake any of the Elvi at
the Invitationals for the real thing, but that didn’t stop anybody from having
a King-sized good time.”



Meanwhile, our friend Mojo Nixon wants you to know that
“Elvis Is Everywhere.” Sing along, y’all:




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