Black Lips Go Nekkid, Nuts in India



Also secure some
invaluable video footage in the process.



By Fred Mills



Black Lips chased out of India by police‘; “Black Lips get
badass in Chennai, remainder of Indian tour cancelled
“; “Black Lips flee India
to escape arrest for indecent exposure
” – these are just three out of a slew of
current headlines outlining the apparently out-of-control antics the Vice
recording artists indulged on their current/truncated tour of India. According
to firsthand reports from the band played In Chennai the night
of Jan. 23 and in the middle of the set, before a “packed Chennai audience,
guitarist Cole Alexander took off his clothes and jumped into the crowd. The
crowd was stunned. Alexander then proceeded to get back on stage and make out
with the other band members.”



Well, all right then! Sounds like a by-the-script Black Lips



However, what came next was anything but scripted: the
promoters took exception to the way things went down, as did the police, who
were summoned. The band hightailed it out of Chennai, headed for the airport,
and booked a flight to Berlin in order to avoid any more repercussions of what
the band described in a subsequent email to Vice (duly posted to the label’s
official blog
) as “a cultural clashing shit storm.”



Below is the text of the Black Lips email. All we can say
is, bon voyage, lads, and godspeed.
You definitely got some ace footage for, eh? (Method to your madness,
hmmm?) Next time it might be a good idea to bone up on your knowledge of local
cultural and religious customs, however. Some countries don’t even have the
words “punk rock” in their native language….





From the Black Lips:



Dear fans,



Unfortunately, we have
had to flee the country of India
due to having our whole tour canceled and having to escape being held by police
for indecent exposure during our most raucous set in Chennai at the Campus Rock
Idol showcase.



After the fiasco,
which the kids seemed to like, the financial backers of the event were furious
and threw us off the tour. They tried to get security to restrain us until the
Tamil police arrived. We locked the door while they were kicking and banging on
it. Meanwhile, we slipped out the other emergency exit.



When we got to the
hotel our tour guide informed us that the that the Campus Rock Idols sponsors
were pressing charges and that the police would make their arrest. At that
point our tour driver informed us we would have to drive six hours to get to
the next town and cross state lines where we would be out of the Tamil authorities
jurisdiction, because apparently the jail in Chennai is no joke. Word on the
street said that it was teeming with tuberculosis, violence and live maggots so
instead of risking going there we fled the scene. The drive ended up taking 10
hours because of a horrific accident on the road. We were also informed that
all of the shows on our tour had been canceled effectively fucking all funds
for the trip. This was a cultural clashing shit storm.



When we got to the
next hotel a mysterious man and someone who worked for our Indian booking
agency tried to run off with our passports they got to the car when we caught
them. That’s when our documentarian Rob went postal on them. We
surrounded them until they gave back our passports. After that we booked the
first flight to Berlin
to instead work with another Indian, King Khan, on an upcoming EP. We are
flying out as soon as sunrise hits this far away land and we have to have the US embassy’s
phone number on hand in case any more troubleshit starts popping at the airport
or something. We would like to thank the four Hindi speaking tour guides, and
Rana Ghose for helping us get through these enormous trials and tribulations,
and for future reference we really enjoyed the people of India and we hope western
rock bands will be able to tour there in the future.



– The Black Lips




Black Lips live in Pune, India:



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