Asheton Guitar Theft Attempted


Stooges legend’s death
brings out the graverobbers.


By Fred Mills


Michigan’s is
that, in the wake of the death of Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton, the
Asheton family has had to change the locks of his Ann Arbor house and hire private security to
monitor the property. Apparently unspecified individuals had been attempting to
take guitars and possibly other items from the premises and load them into a
van, and this led to a dispute between Asheton’s personal assistant and his
sister. Police were called and the assistant told them that the sister
assaulted her; the incident is currently under investigation.


The police instructed everyone to leave the guitars, which
are considered quite valuable, in the house.


Asheton’s body was found early Tuesday morning and an
autopsy has been performed but results have not been released yet (foul play is
not suspected).


Meanwhile, the Detroit and Ann Arbor areas have
experienced an outpouring of sentiment for Asheton. A funeral has not been
announced yet. Read the related story HERE.


And maybe, just maybe, the schmucks at the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame will finally see fit to induct the Stooges into their Cleveland fun house….



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