Apples In Stereo Do Nu-Pepsi Ad


Caffeine intended to
give you, uh, energy.


By Fred Mills





We’ll admit it: repeated viewings of the new Pepsi
commercial (see below) have finally rendered the ad pretty annoying. Maybe we
just don’t dig “cute” when the economy is in tatters, the world’s in flames,
and we’re in a tizzy over what our kids are going to wake up to each day.



At any rate, the soft drink manufacturer is apparently “rebranding”
itself with a new red/white/blue logo (it resembles, oddly, the Obama campaign
logo), but it doesn’t really seem to improve on the old one.





Meanwhile, though, Apples In Stereo have licensed their tune
“Energy” from Magnetic Wonder to the
ad, so that’s a plus. Hey.,. energy. Caffeine.
Energy. Yeah…. Check it out.




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