AoC Inaugural Ball Rocks L.A.


While most eyes were
trained on the Washington celebrations, Los Angeles was doing it up in that delightfully twisted
fashion that only L.A.
can summon.


By Jose Martinez


Los Angeles
definitely got its presidential groove on last night as change was ushered in, West Coast style. Yes, the City of Angels welcomed Brotha Barack
as our new fearless Commander and Chief as spectators and revelers at the famed
Mayan Theatre in downtown LA took a glimpse at the other side of the “mountain
top,” and let me tell you, we liked what we saw.


by Athena Demos’ Wonderland adVentures, the night featured entertainment from
The Mutaytor, The Crystal Method, and DJ Motion Potion. “This night is extra
special,” organizer Demos explained. “All the artists came together to
celebrate Barack Obama and his hope for change.”



As a sold out audience, decked out
in all kinds of “formal” attire celebrated the end of 8 years of Bush, there
seemed to be no turning back from the welcomed mayhem.


Things seemed to come together as
The Crystal Method, originally scheduled to perform in Costa Rica only
to have their show fall through, opted to wave their normal fee in lieu of the
night’s significance.


And even thought the night was all
about Obama and the possibility of actual change for the better for all of us, it’s hard not to say the night wasn’t all about
The Mutaytor after witnessing their spectacular set. Heavy on percussion and
rhythm (the band features John Avila of Oingo Boingo fame on bass), The
Mutaytor is an 11-piece
modern analog and electronic dance orchestra, featuring a 15-member visual team
creating a rapid fire succession of futuristic,
vaudevillian theatre and choreographed dance acts, coupled with
breathtaking feats of aerial performance, giant screen visuals and unique
reinterpretations of the circus arts.



Self described “laptop rocker” Atom
Smith of The Mutaytor admitted that election night was “bittersweet for some
(speaking about California’s
controversial Proposition 8), but that’s not what tonight is about. We’re
celebrating tonight!”


Mutaytor dancer and aerialist Neal
Everett described the night as “just a chance to create a performance about
hope and change.”




Describing a Mutaytor show as a
“blend of energy, music, visual effects, stunts, and kids acting like
daredevils,” Everett and Company left no doubt that we’re not settling for the
status quo anymore. In fact, LA natives should make it a point to catch their
March 7 show at the Hollywood Palladium with Les Claypool, Saul Williams, and
the Yard Dogs.


While DC played it safe with off
key performances from Aretha Franklin (she may be a legend but home girl needs
to stop singing if she’s going to just be the equivalent to nails on a chalk
board) and to put-me-to-sleep sets from the likes of Josh Groban, LA got it
right and delivered the goods in a decadent and sleazy style that only
Hollywood can muster. And thank God for that!



Well-wishers, as part of the global community can share their hopes, wishes, and
messages of support to President Barack Obama by signing the guestbook at


 [Photos credit: Jose Martinez]

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