Antlers Emerge From the “Hospice”



Followup to
blog-approved 2007 album.


By Blurt Staff


Brooklyn’s Antlers will
self-release their new full-length, Hospice, through limited edition CD
and download on March 3. The album chronicles The Antlers’ evolution from
detailed dream pop to densely layered shoegaze, from solo effort to band.


The group began as Peter Silberman’s solo bedroom
arrangements and recordings, but this upcoming release marks the first time
Silberman assembled a group of friends to contribute: Darby Cicci (trumpet,
bowed banjo), Justin Stivers (bass), Michael Lerner
(drums), and Sharon Van Etten (guest vocals). Cicci and Lerner remain as core
members of the live band.

Hospice is the follow-up to 2007’s In the Attic of the Universe,
which became The Antlers’ unexpected under-the-radar breakthrough thanks to
blog word-of-mouth. Along with several other EPs, a successful CMJ and SXSW
’08, and this past fall’s midwest and east coast tour,
In September, The Antlers released a free
download of “Two”, the first single off of the new album. The track
quickly earned adoration from the blogosphere, landing spots on numerous
playlists and best-of lists. (It charted high on music blog aggregator
list of most frequently-posted tracks, and ranked as Pop Tarts Suck Toasted’s
#1 single of 2008.) “Bear”, Hospice’s second single, will be
released in January.

Silberman began writing Hospice as a concept
album to answer for his disappearance after he moved to New York City
in 2006. But what began as a simple explanation soon resembled a novel or film,
a musical work best heard from start to finish.
After nearly two years of writing and recording, the result is a lyrically
dark, sonically expansive and grandiose album; a memoir of dysfunction and
isolation, and a reminder never to lose oneself again.

Check out these MP3s of the two songs mentioned above:


“Bear” –

“Two” –



[Photo Credit: Judith Levitt]


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