Amy Winehouse Starts Record Label


First signings rumored
to be Pete Doherty, Boy George, Courtney Love, Weiland and, uh, the dead guy
from Alice In


By Fred Mills


While America
takes a deep breath and reflects today, the rest of the world continues apace –
to wit, news arriving from the British media that Amy Winehouse, who’s been
vacationing lately
in St.
Lucia, canoodling with a new boyfriend, and
declaring herself drug free, is launching her own record label. No, she’s not
calling it Crack City Records; the proposed name is Lioness, and the label will
bow with a record from Winehouse’s goddaughter, 13-year old upstart (and
YouTube sensation) Dionne Bromfield.


Reports indicate the Winehouse is putting a million pounds
into the label and release (which has already included a 15,000 pound tally to
give the young diva singing lessons – not a good sign). Speaking to reporters
last year, Winehouse enthused, “Dionne is young but she has more potential than
any girl I’ve ever seen. I know she’s got an advantage by knowing me but I’d
put her in a room against anyone and she’d do the business.”




View the YouTube video, a cover of Alicia Keyes’ “If I Ain’t
Got You,” below. It features Winehouse playing guitar and was shot by Pete




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