Win Butler on Arcade Fire DVD

Band is also beginning
work on next album.


By Blurt Staff



Speaking to, Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler offered
a few glimpses at what went into making the band’s new documentary Miroir Noir, directed by Vincent
Morisset and released this week as a digital download (it’s due early next year
on DVD).


“It gives a little window into the band,” said Butler. “We wanted to do
something that gave some idea of what the band is like live, and it seemed like
having 50 cameras set up wasn’t necessarily the best way to do that. So it was
interesting having Vincent on tour with us – [it was] just two guys with a
camera. I’m happy with how it turned out.


“We got really used to it. He was onstage, and he’s a
very energetic guy. We met him at our first show in Paris – he was trying to get in with his
girlfriend, and Richard let him into the show. So we’ve known him for a long
time, so it’s pretty easy to let him do his thing and we can do our thing.”


With the DVD out of the way, the Arcade Fire is currently
writing new material for their next album.


UPDATE: Butler was interviewed by Pitchfork yesterday about all this and more (including the theft of his iPod).


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