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By Blurt Staff


It’s December 24, and we’ve got a special Christmas present
for all you Widespread Panic fans out there. Check it out:


New Dave Schools
In the bassist’s latest installment in his Swift Kick to the Solar Plexus blog, Schools tells us the story of
“How The Grinch Got Scrooged in Asheville.”
He outlines how he lost the Christmas spirit at one point, only to recover it
via the annual Warren Haynes Christmas Jam – touching, and true.


Widespread Panic Live
in Asheville Nov. 28 & 29:
 BLURT intern Matthew Recchia hunkered down at
the Asheville Civic Center for two nights o’ Panic, and had this, in part, to
say: “Despite cold temperatures and sleet and rain, the party was hot and out
of control as thousands of fans flocked into the Asheville Civic Center for one
more throw-down before New Years…. Until next year, thanks Panic – Falettinme
Be Mice Elf Agin!”


Widespread Panic Austin DVD: Mighty Matt also tracked the New West Records DVD Widespread Panic Live In Austin, Texas that was recently released.
“With a great set-list most Spreadheads will be drawn to,” writes Recchia,
“there is no doubt this classic will be welcomed enthusiastically by the



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