U2 “Horizon” Album Drops March 3


Hey – just in time for
Saint Paddy’s day!



Billboard.com is reporting that the new U2 album, No Line on the Horizon, is due to hit
stores March 3 via Interscope. It was produced by Eno, Daniel Lanois and Steve
Lillywhite and has had a somewhat protracted gestation – including an incident
where some of the tracks were leaked to the web via YouTube – since it was
originally due this year before Christmas.


Bono stated earlier this year on the group’s website, “I’m
always the one who underestimates how easy it is to simply ‘put out the songs
now.’ If it was just up to me they’d be out already!, But early next year
people will be able to start hearing what we’ve been doing. We want 2009 to be
our year, so we’re going to start making an impression very early on.”


Speaking to Billboard, label chief Jimmy Iovine commented, “I
met with the guys in U2, and they say to me, ‘You know what? This album needs
two more songs, and it will be exactly what we have in mind.’ I go there and I
listen, and I agreed with them. It’s a great record, but it deserves the time.
Labels need to work with artists to help them achieve their best work, not to
jam records out that are half-baked or three-quarters baked.”


Now THAT sounds like some of the best advice we’ve heard all
year. Does that mean we can return all those three-quarters albums the major
labels have been dumping on us for the past five years and get our money back?


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