Thermals Say Howdy (Again!)


New album en route + a
very special personal message.


By Blurt Staff



cutest band the Thermals want to reintroduce themselves to you. Not that they
need reintroducing; 2006’s The Body, The Blood, The Machine set the blogosphere and crit-o-sphere afire
just fine. But they also are prepping their new album, titled Now We Can See and due April 7 from Kill Rock Stars. Full tracklisting below.



Prior to that
they’ll be hitting the road, including a high-profile stop in Austin in March for SXSW. Be there or be



Now We Can See Track Listing:

1.) “When I Died”

2.) “We Were Sick”

3.) “I Let It Go”

4). “Now We Can See”

5.) “At the Bottom of the Sea”

6.) “When We Were Alive”

7.) “I Called Out Your Name”

8.) “When I Was Afraid”

9.) “Liquid In, Liquid Out”

10.) “How We Fade”

11.) “You Dissolve”



And now, a message from the Thermals….





Hi, we’re The
Thermals.  We’re a three-piece
alternative/indie/punk band.  We live in Portland, Oregon.  You know, the place all your friends are
moving.  So they can paint/record/do gravity bong hits, when they’re not
slinging lattes at one of a thousand or so coffee shops.


We have some lovely neighbors here.  The Shins, Modest Mouse, The Decemberists,
The Jicks, The Blow, Blitzen Trapper, Menomena, you can stop us anytime.  What you can’t stop is the overwhelming
awesomeness of Portland’s
indie-rock scene, of which we
consider ourselves an integral part, thank you very much!


Since the summer of fear and hate (2002), we, The
Thermals, have been cranking out three-minute, no-fi sonic gems with a neo-grunge
attitude.  When we’re not powering
through one of our catchy anthems, we’re racking our brains to come up with
ridiculous(ly bad) new sub-genres.  Hey,
we just thought of a new one!  Just in
time for the release of our new album, Now We Can See.  It’s totally post-power-pop.  We know,
we’ve done the whole “post-” thing before (see our 2006 opus The
Body, The Blood, The Machine
, a true post-pop-punk classic).  We should really be so post-“post-”
at this point.  But we’re not.  Do you know why, dear reader?  Because adding “post-” to any genre
Actually, adding “post-” to ANY WORD OR PHRASE immediately
makes you “over” it, and therefore better than it.  Go ahead, try it!  Don’t forget to thank us when yr ass is post-broke.


But, uh, yeah, our new record.  Sorry, we got distracted.  We’re sitting on our porch writing this, and
sixty naked bicyclists just rode
by.  Portland! 
We love this fuckin’ place.


Like we said, our new
record is called Now We Can See
We think it’s pretty good! 
Pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty good. 
Not only are the songs filled with some of our smartest lyrics and
sweetest melodies, but the recording is, for us,  another great leap in fidelity (you might
even called it hi-fidelity), thanks to producer John Congleton (Explosions In
The Sky, Polyphonic Spree), who brought massive
amounts of sound and bombastic
style to the project.


So much else is new and wonderful for us!  We have a new record label, Kill Rock Stars.  Not only has Kill Rock Stars released some of
Portland’s (and the Northwest’s) best punk and indie records to date (Elliott
Smith, Sleater-Kinney, The Gossip), but the label has recently relocated to
Portland, and is quickly filling it’s roster with even more great Portland
bands (Shaky Hands, Panther, Horse Feathers). 
The Thermals are thrilled to now be a part of this family as well.  We were thrilled to be part of the Sub Pop family for six years, but we
felt it was time to move on.  We turned
down a second contract from Sub Pop, lest you think we were dropped!  You don’t drop us, we drop you. Not you,
personally.  We love you!  Seriously, you’re the best.


We have a new drummer as well.  Westin
Glass, formerly of Seattle’s
Say Hi, joins us (Kathy Foster
and Hutch Harris) to complete
the third (or so) live line-up of The Thermals. 
In addition to (again!) touring the UK
with The Cribs this February, and playing multiple shows at SXSW in March, we
will be touring the U.S.
for two months, following the release of Now We Can See on April
7th.  We’ll be doing festivals in Europe and the U.S.
all summer long, followed by a full European tour in the fall.


Whew!  We’re
exhausted already.  It’s probably time to
hit the vaporizer again, then
head out for Voodoo Doughnuts and Stumptown Coffee.  We gotta get down to Lincoln High, Gus Van
Sant is casting 16-25 year olds
for his next picture.  We can pull off
25, right?  Sure!


But only in Portland.


The Thermals




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