Stat! Creed Reunion “Imminent”


Just when you thought
it was safe to go back to the arenas….


By Fred Mills


Already beset by a deep financial recession, the national
mood grew darker this week as word arrived of the forthcoming reunion of
mook-rockers Creed. Rumored to be on the table for some time now, the reunion
appears to be nearing reality as the former band members hammer things out.


In a report filed by Billboard,
vocalist Scott Stapp, estranged since 2004 from guitarist Mark Tremonti,
drummer Scott Phillips and bassist Brian Marshall (who formed the
almost-as-mooky Alter Bridge following the Creed split, is in “prime physical
and mental condition” and ready for a reconciliation. A spokesman for the
band’s old label, Wind-Up, told Billboard that there have been talks, dollars put on the table, and an announcement could
be imminent, “but it would be premature to comment on them at this time.”


Well, all right then! Who can argue with 26.1 millions sold
in the U.S.
alone? What do a bunch of pointy headed critics know, anyway?


Fun fact: Alter
Bridge vocalist Myles
Kennedy is reportedly being considered for the singer position in the Robert
Plant-less Led Zeppelin reunion that has been floated lately. For more reunion
madness, go to the BLURT reunion poll page HERE. You can have your say on
Creed, Led Zep and a host of other proposed 2009 reunions!





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