Springsteen Rolls Back The Prices


Signs on with Wal-Mart
for exclusive greatest hits deal.


By Fred Mills


Bruce Springsteen joins the rarified likes of the Eagles and
AC/DC next month when he releases a 12-song greatest hits album to be marketed
exclusively by Wal-Mart. It’s due Jan. 13 at the planet’s biggest retailer, but
before all you Boss fans get excited, consult the track list below – it’s
nothing special, touching on the most obvious tracks and omitting material from
albums such as Nebraska and Tunnel of Love that didn’t feature the E
Street Band.


Fair enough; the rest of us already have the 1995 Greatest Hits that provided a pretty
solid overview up until that point, along with the sprawling 3-CD collection
fro 2003, The Essential. And this all
falls under the rubric of savvy marketing anyway; his new studio album Working on a Dream arrives two weeks
after the compilation, on Jan. 27.


The Wal-Mart release is expected to carry a bargain price in keeping with the retailer’s price rollback ethos, natch.



Track Listing:


‘Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)’
‘Born to


On The Edge Of Town’



In The Dark’

‘Born in
the U.S.A.’






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