Soundtrack of Our Lives 2-CD Due


Divinely inspired, we are advised….


Blurt Staff


Soundtrack of Our Lives will release their 2 disc, 24-track  Communion in early ’09 on esteemed
indie label Yep Roc. It’s their first studio record in nearly four years from
the Swedish band of roving psychedelic Argonauts. Caftan-sporting eccentric lead singer Ebbot Lundberg,
guitarists Ian Person and Mattias Bärjed, bassist
Kalle Gustafsson, keyboardist Martin Hederos and
drummer Fredrik Sandsten reportedly experienced divine inspiration in the
studio, completing basic tracks in a mere two weeks.


“This was the easiest, most natural
thing we’ve ever recorded,” Lundberg notes, adding, “It really
felt like the album created itself, like we had a dream of what the album was
supposed to be and then the album became that.”


After it became evident the band was taking a new musical
direction, the members decided to abandon plans for a follow up to their last
album Origin Vol. 1 and instead focus on a large scale mood piece based
on the concepts of day and night-a  song for each hour.


for a tour following the release of the album – as anyone who’s caught them I the
past (their SXSW show in Austin a couple of years ago was a mind blower), the
band’s not to be missed in concert. 






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