Smashing Pumpkins Release New Video

The Smashing Pumpkins’ latest music video for their newest single “G.L.O.W.” (Jackie Stallone take note) will be shown exclusively on Myspace at The single marks the first (and hopefully the last) time a band has recorded a new song for the wildy popular Guitar Hero® franchise which was released afterwards.
The Pumpkins are in the midst of a widely criticized North American tour  celebrating their 20th anniversary. During their hometown Chicago tour stop, it was reported that frontman Billy Corgan simultaneously confounded and pissed off large segments of the paying audience by inviting a heckler up on stage and berating him. Our unsolicited advice to Corgan: the only artist we’ve seen pull that off successfully is Fugazi’s Ian Mackaye (and Tony Clifton, but we’re sounding off in strictly musical terms here) and it was a thing of beauty. Don’t attempt such things if you’re only retort resembles a drunken jarhead.

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