Shins’ Mercer For Lead Role in Movie


Yes, some days ARE
better than others, aren’t they?


By Fred Mills



Some Days are Better
Than Others
is the name of an upcoming film directed by Matt McCormick,
already well-known to indie-rock fans for having worked on Shins videos. No
surprise here, then: Shins vocalist James Mercer was tapped by McCormick to
play the lead. It will also star erstwhile Sleater-Kinney member Carrie


According to a report by the NME, McCormick describes the film as concerning “lonely people
trying to create their own abstract forms of communication.”


Wow. That’s helpful. Please God, don’t let it be about


At any rate, McCormick notes, of Mercer, “the character he
plays is in many ways an extension of the character that I created for him in The
Shins “The Past and Pending” video I did a while back. While writing the
script, James sort of became this character by default. The character isn’t
necessarily based on James, it was just James’ face that was in my head when
writing this character. And then after I did the “Australia” video I was just
completely impressed with his poise and ability to take direction, and
eventually decided to give him a shot at playing this role.”


Well, all right then! The film’s due next Fall. No details
yet on what studio will be distributing the film.


And yes, sharp-eyed readers are already noting that the film
title is the same as that of a U2 song from Zooropa



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