Season’s Shout-Outs from Diamond Dave!


Van Halen frontman splits his pants (and lungs) just for YOU.


By Fred Mills


On a 1-10 scale of awesomeness, this one clearly goes to “11”:
David Lee Roth has a site devoted to him, or more accurately, to his various
shouts, whoops, hollers, grunts, random animal noises, and the occasional
“Goddamnit baby, you know I ain’t lyin’ to ya I’m only gonna tell you one


Go to (home
page reproduced above) and click on any number of the Roth-isms. We trust
you’ll be glad you did. Hint: click on a whole series of them in rapid
succession to hear an entire angelic chorus of Diamond Daves!


Now THAT’s some friggin’ Christmas cheer! This has been a public service
announcement… with testosterone.




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