RIAA Finally Gets A Clue Re: Filesharing



That sucking/popping
sound? It’s the sound of the recording industry pulling it’s head out of its
own ass after all these years…


By Fred Mills


Christmas came a little early this year for those dastardly
criminals known as filesharers: the Recording Industry Association of American
has announced that instead of chasing down people who upload music to the
Internet (and then file lawsuits in order to crush said uploaders into little
tiny pieces of blood, flesh and bone), it’s going to work with ISPs directly.


It will work roughly like this: when the RIAA detects and
illegal uploader, it will send a notice to that person’s ISP, who in accordance
with an agreement with the RIAA will in turn send the uploader a notice. If the
activity doesn’t stop after a couple of notifications, the ISP can switch the
user’s service to a slower speed cut off access to the web completely. No
longer will ISPs be required to turn over the names of their customers to the
RIAA, and the RIAA will not be filing lawsuits. But the idea is to make
file-sharers realize they’re not invisible, and that their ISPs will be taking
matters into their own hands in order to protect their own asses. (It’s too
early to say what kinds of sanctions the RIAA will levy on the ISPs, however…)



According to a major label source, “We’re faced with the
reality of ‘this shit isn’t working.’ And legally the ground is getting shakier
in terms of winning these lawsuits. And it’s costing money. So, time to move
on.” Gee, nothing like a lousy economy and an industry in turmoil to get people to wake the hell up.


Read more about all this at:






Wall Street Journal



Meanwhile, industry watchdog Bob Lefsez had a few choice
about the news:


“Press scuttlebutt says that only 19% of the public is downloading.  If
this is true, and one accepts Michael Eisner’s theory that ten percent of the
audience will NEVER pay, we’re fighting here over nine percent of the
population.  When really, we should be focusing on the other eighty one
percent!  Most people will pay for music, if a reasonable offer is made.


“Today’s news that the RIAA is dropping their lawsuits just shows that the
labels have no strategy, that they’re so busy playing catch-up that they’ve
squandered their business.  ANYBODY could have told them that the lawsuits
wouldn’t have worked five years ago. But these assholes had to prove
something.  That they owned the music and you’d better consume it their
way.  Obviously didn’t work, their revenues have tanked.”


Amen to that.




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