Radiohead Artist Launches Label



333 times 3 CDs equals
999 CDs for the entire world…


By Fred Mills


The sixth or seventh Radiohead member, depending on how you
rank him with producer Nigel Godrich, is surely artist Stanley Donwood, who’s
been on hand doing sleeve and poster art for the band since 1994. Now,
according to a report at, Donwood has formed a record label called Six
Inch Records,


But there’s a catch – better put in your orders fast with
the label fast, because Six Inch is apparently only releasing three CDS, each
of which will be limited to 333 copies and available as six-inch square card
packs. Donwood said, in a statement, that he thinks the standard five-inch
format for CDs is just “too small.” Give a man an inch and he’ll…


Those three artists: Patrick Bell (Travel Notes), Max de Mara (Classist) and The Joy of Living (The Beyond Within).
What, no Radiohead?


Donwood will be putting on a launch night in London for his label on
Jan. 30. Joy of Living and Max de Mara will perform.





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