Poptastic Launches ‘Co-ed’ Boy Band


Lotsa puppy, er, poppy
love goin’ on with these swingin’ musicians.



By Mandy Rodgers



From producers Chris Fitzpatrick and Thomas Dimuzio comes
Poptastic’s debut album, The Teen-Pop-Noise
. Seeland Records will release the album made of pop music which has
been overly produced and arranged, in the same vein as Lou Perlman’s bubblegum
pop of the ‘90s.



According to the label, “Poptastic’s basic concept is accessible and humorous, yet buried
in the layers of sound is a complex web of mixing, remixing, editing,
re-editing, arranging, and de-arranging that continues to reveal something new
with each listen. It was also designed so that in CD shuffle play, only the
“hits” play, yet when in continuous linear play, the entire album is a single
interwoven work.”



The album has 13 different tracks with poppy love titles,
including “You Put a Spell on Me” and “I Want This Love to Last.” Keep checking
www.myspace.com/poptasticnoise.com to find out a future release date.




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