Pete Doherty Fucks Up Again


Cancels shows due to
an “arm injury.”


By Fred Mills


Pete Doherty is in the news again, this time, according to a
report at
, that the troubled Babyshambles frontman canceled three
nights of solo performances “at the 11th hour, just before he was
due on.” They were to have taken place Dec. 20, 21 and 22 at the Rhythm Factory
in London.


Doherty cited an unspecified arm injury as his reason for canceling.
Gee, what could that be? Maybe he slammed his arm in a car door? His dealer
broke it for non-payment? A friggin’ needle broke off in a vein? The mind does
wander in all matters Doherty….


The shows have been rescheduled for Jan. 8-10. UK oddsmakers
are already lining up to take on the event….



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